Our Story

We're a dog-loving family that seeks to share homemade and delicious treats with other dog owners and their dogs. Our goal is to make every day you share with your pups a day to celebrate -- and what celebration doesn't have cake? 

We love spoiling our two German Shorthaired Pointers (Bolin and Rosie) with homemade treats. We were struck by how fun it was for us and our dogs to make homemade, delicious, and healthy treats for them -- treats we felt good about because of the wholesome ingredients and love baked into them. This inspired us to share the ability of making homemade and delicious treats with other dog owners. And so, On Point Pupcakes was born!

Meet the Pups


Born in July 2013, Bolin is an energetic, loving, loyal, ball-chasing boy. Even though he's over 60 pounds, Bolin knows at heart that he's a lap dog, and he loves cuddling with everyone. He's also a fearless taste tester, and he never shies away from trying something new. His nose only led him astray once when he ate a bag of ghost pepper peanuts - oops! But what we love most about Bolin is his endless love and loyalty, and the way he wants to be close to us whenever he can. Oh, and he gives the best hugs!


Born in September 2016 but joining our family in January 2018, Rosie is a wild girl! She's fizzling with energy and a total socialite at the dog park, but she's also a professional snuggler and loves cuddling on any lap available. She keeps all of us (especially Bolin!) on our toes, and we wouldn't have it any other way. What we love most about Rosie is her sweet, kind heart and her happy, endless energy. In the words of Cardi B, Rosie is a spicy mami, hot tamale.

Meet the Humans


Spoiling dogs together since 2014, we're Maggie & Jackson! We are dog parents living in Chapel Hill, North Carolina. We have a wonderful furry family, one that's covered in dog fur, peanut butter, and tennis balls, and we love it! Nothing makes us happier than knowing we've made another dog and dog owner happy with our pupcakes, and we're so happy you've decided to learn a little bit more about us. We hope you will give our pupcakes a try and that your dogs enjoy them just as much as ours do.