The Local Dog Lover's Holiday Gift Guide 2018

Margaret Moriarty

If you're looking for the perfect gift for your furry best friend or dog mama (in addition to pupcakes, of course!) and love to support small, thoughtful businesses, look no further! Here are the top gifts you should get the canines in your life this holiday season. The team at On Point Pupcakes has personally reviewed these products and gives them two paws up!

Food & Treats

Maxwell's Pet Market Pumpkin & Bacon Treats ($13)

We love trying out new types of healthy treats for our pups, so when we saw Maxwell's Pumpkin & Bacon Bite-Sized Treats, we had to try them! We use these for training at home and for practicing heel on our walks. Both our dogs can't get enough of these! We also love how many treats come in a bag, which is great for multi-dog homes. Plus, the team at Maxwell's supports the Haiti Street Dog Project. Delicious treats and charitable - what more could you ask for?!

Wildly Blended Custom Blends ($35)

We are always looking for ways to improve our dogs' daily diets, so when we found out about Wildly Blended's custom blends, we were ecstatic! You tell them your dogs' breeds and ages, and they develop a custom fruit and/or veggie blend to sprinkle on top of your dogs' meals, designed specifically for their health needs. We were so impressed by the thought and care that goes into each and every blend that Wildly Blended makes. 

Beau's Biscuits Peanut Butter & Rosemary Treats ($8)

Our dogs go crazy over peanut butter, so we knew these were going to be a hit with them! Bolin & Rosie gobbled these adorable treats up. We love that you can pick different shapes for your treats, and that they're made on demand so they are super fresh when they arrive at your doorstep! Plus, Beau's Biscuits uses only natural, wholesome ingredients (no preservatives!) which is great for puppers!

Puppy Style Treats & More Christmas Gift Box ($11)

Not only is this the *cutest* box of Christmas-themed dog treats we've ever seen, but they're grain-free and designed for dogs with sensitive stomachs! The icing is sugar-free as well, making these delicious and healthy treats for dogs. A portion of sales is donated to the Akwesasne Animal Society in New York.


Goughnuts Original Black Ring ($27)

If you have heavy chewers like we do, then you're always on hunt for new toys that claim to be "indestructible". We've bought tons of toys claiming to be extra-durable or great for chewers, and they all fell apart! That is, except our Goughnuts. We purchased two Original Black Rings for our dogs, and, even though they are a little more expensive than some toys we've bought before, they are hands-down the MOST durable toys we've ever gotten. We would highly recommend these for any dog owner with heavy chewers!

Finnley's Tugs Dog Tugs ($10)

Finnley's dog tug toys are made with clean, recycled t-shirts, and they provide great fun for small to medium sized dogs! These eco-friendly tugs are soft and durable, appealing to both the dog and owner. You can also request custom-made tugs (you pick the colors and thickness), which is a great way to give a special gift to the dogs in your life.


Millennial Barker Shop Custom Match Your Pet T-Shirt/Bandana Set ($22)

Millennial Barker is a handmade pet accessory boutique in San Francisco with the mission of promoting and giving back to rescues. 30% of every purchase gets donated to their rescue of the month! With this custom set, you get to pick your bandana and t-shirt pocket pattern (Rosie & I went with pink leopard!), and Millennial Barker custom makes it just for you two! We love rocking these together at the dog park and around town. Total #DogMom status!

Pawsome Prints Co. Bandana ($8)

Pawsome Prints Co. was the first place we ever bought bandanas for Bolin & Rosie from, and now we're hooked! They have adorable, rotating patterns and make high quality, durable bandanas. Plus, they have great pricing and free shipping -- win, win! We got the Blue Wiggles pattern for Bolin and Hungry Sharks for Rosie -- very fitting for both their personalities!

Humble Hound Co. Bandana ($9)

We love Humble Hound Co. for so many reasons! Most obviously, they make very high quality, well-fitting bandanas, and they have a huge selection of cute and versatile patterns. They are also based in the Raleigh area, just like us! We got to meet them in person and their handsome top model Clyde, a Basset Hound, is just as charming in person as he is on Instagram. We got Bolin their "squirrel patrol" bandana because, even though he's a bird dog, he is definitely a squirrel chaser!

Dixie Bandanas Plus Pink Floral Hair Bow ($7)

We love Dixie Bandanas' products because they have cute rotating patterns, and they are always introducing new products! One new product is this adorable Pink Floral Hair Bow which comes with an alligator clip to use to put in your dogs hair! It is four inches across, and holds a firm shape. Dixie Bandanas is also based in the Raleigh area, and their top model Dixie, a gorgeous poodle, is a big pupcakes fan! (PS Dixie designed our totally awesome logo and can do pictures of your dog too!)


Canine Chemistry Training

Give your dog an irreplaceable gift this year -- training! If your pup needs more mental stimulation, could use some improvement on behavior, or has an underlying issue that needs attention, working with Canine Chemistry is an amazing way to help your dog become happier, healthier, and better-trained. We have been working with them with both our dogs and have been very pleased with their training style and skills. We highly recommend them to anyone in the Raleigh-Durham area, and so do Bolin & Rosie!


We hope you have enjoyed our holiday gift guide and consider supporting these amazing small businesses this holiday season. Every purchase you make from a small business makes such an incredible impact on the owner and their business, and every order is deeply appreciated. 

Wishing you all the happiest holidays!


Maggie, Jackson, Bolin & Rosie

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