4 Reasons to Make Your Dog Pupcakes

Margaret Moriarty

We get asked all the time why someone should make pupcakes for their dog, so we thought it only fitting that this be our very first blog post! Well, we might be biased, but we have a few ideas. Read all the way to the end for a special treat!

1. Pupcakes are made with all natural, healthy ingredients.

Your dog's a part of your family, so you want to make sure he or she eats like it too! In our pupcake mixes, you won't find any crazy chemicals or artificial preservatives like you do in so many other treats. In our mixes, we just use wholesome ingredients that you would use when baking for yourself. Plus, all our mixes are made with gluten-free rice flour, which is ideal for pups with sensitive tummies or on gluten- or wheat-free diets.

2. Pupcakes are homemade by you.

There's something special about giving someone (or some pup) a homemade gift. It just feels like there's more love in it. Your mom's homemade birthday cakes taste better than ones you get at the grocery store, right? With our pupcakes, you're able to share that same homemade feel-good feeling with your pup. We know "love" isn't an ingredient listed on the packaging, but it sure makes the pupcakes taste better! Plus, you know exactly what's going into your pup's treats and can guarantee they're getting only the healthiest, tastiest treats. We dare you to try a pupcake yourself - you might even like it!

3. Pupcakes build a bond between you and your pups.

Our two GSPs have watched me make my fair share of pupcakes, so they know that when the peanut butter jar comes out that I'm making pupcakes. They wait patiently by my feet as I mix them up, and when I take the pupcakes out of the oven, they can hardly wait for the pupcakes to cool before grabbing one! I love the act of baking pupcakes with my pups by my side and knowing that we have a special bond because of our pupcakes. Making pupcakes is something we do together, and it's something the whole family looks forward to. Plus, making pupcakes is so easy that even your kids can help out to get the entire family involved!

4. Pupcakes can be a part of a balanced, healthy canine diet year-round.

You wouldn't eat a whole cake in one sitting, but you probably have dessert a few nights a week, right? The same idea applies to pupcakes for your dog! As a general rule, treats should never make up more than 10% of your dog's daily diet. Pupcakes can be a healthy treat for your dogs year-round when given in moderation. In addition to birthdays, holidays, gotcha days, and anniversaries, pupcakes can be used as a high-value treat when training your dog or as a reward after a long day of work or exercise. Another bonus is that our pupcakes freeze well for up to 2 months, meaning you can give your good boy or girl some treats today, and save the rest for later! 


Wow - you made it all the way to the end! As a thank you for your support of our business, use the code THANKYOU for 20% off your next order of pupcake mixes! Be sure to let us know in the comments if you have even more ideas for why you should make your dog pupcakes! 

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