Pup of the Week #9: Forest

Margaret Moriarty

Vizsla Puppy

Forest is a one-year-old, energetic Vizsla who lives in beautiful upstate New York! He lives there with his wonderful, loving family who gives him all the love and exercise that a young Vizsla needs (and that is a LOT of exercise!).

We think that Forest is such an elegant and classic name for a pup, especially one living in woodsy New York. His parents had two reasons for wanting to name him Forest. First, the breeder they got him from had "Forest" in their name, so they will always remember the wonderful place where they got their sweet boy! Second, Forest's momma loves to run and wanted a pup she could run with -- Run, Forrest, Run! (We love to run with Bolin and Rosie, these bird dog breeds have so much energy!)

Forest's parents say what make him special is how incredibly sweet he is. Even though we haven't gotten to meet Forest in person, we can tell that's true from his sweet face and vibrant spirit coming through his photos. One of his favorite things to do is run, especially off leash with his fast fur friends or with his mom! Forest's parents said one of their fondest memories of him was watching him swim for the very first time -- how sweet!

One of Forest's other favorite things is to enjoy a tasty carob pupcake homemade by his parents. He loves to enjoy them as a special treat after a long day of exercise and fun! We're so glad to hear that you enjoy our pupcakes -- be sure to check out the cute photo of him enjoying one at the bottom of this post!

Forest has decided to gift a free pupcake mix to his friend, Willow, a gorgeous German Shorthaired Pointer that he is real-life friends with! Congratulations Willow, we hope you enjoy your free pupcake mix!

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Vizsla Puppy

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