Pup of the Week #8: Norman

Margaret Moriarty

German Shepherd Collie Mix

Norman is a gorgeous, fluffy German Shepherd/Rough Collie Mix who lives in beautiful Madison, Wisconsin! He lives there with his wonderful fur parents and his gorgeous fur sibling, Frank the Turkish Van Cat! 

We think Norman is such a cute name for a pupper, and Norma got his name because his fur dad went to Oklahoma University, which is located in Norman, OK! Boomer Sooner! We loooove names that have to do with places you've loved or lived - both our GSPs are named after places in Chapel Hill!

Norman's parents say what makes him special is how incredibly expressive and smart he is. You can always tell how he's feeling by the way his ears are moving - they're huge, and we are obsessed with them! He loves working on his training and learning new tricks, and his parents love watching his skill set grow. 

Norman's favorite things to do are play fetch, cuddle with his brother Frank, and snuggle up with his parents, especially in that Wisconsin snow. He also loves to eat pumpkin pupcakes homemade by his parents. Norman knows that pupcakes are special treats he only gets on special occasions, so he knows when he gets to eat them it means he's been an extra good boy! (Norman, we think you're an extra good boy all the time.)

One of his parents' favorite memories about him is from when they first got him at 4 months old. Norman hadn't yet learned how to go up stairs, so they spent an afternoon trying to teach him! He could get up all but the last 2 steps, then get scared and run back down to the bottom. When he finally got to the top of the stairs, he sat down and looked at his parents like, "Mom!! I did it!!" BRB crying! 

Norman has decided to gift a free pupcake mix to his friend, Charlie, an adorable rescue Pomeranian Labrador Retriever mix! Congratulations Charlie, we hope you enjoy your free pupcake mix!

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