Pup of the Week #7: Bernadette & Violet

Margaret Moriarty

Bernadette & Violet are two beautiful sisters living in Chapel Hill, NC (that's where we live!). Bernadette is a English Shepherd mix shelter rescue who was adopted in October 2015, and her momma adopted her sister Violet to be her companion in January 2016! They've been living their best lives ever since. 

Bernadette & Violet's mom is a vet tech so she meets lots of dogs every day, so she wanted her dogs to have unique names to stand out. Bernadette got her adorable name from the Four Tops song (we love Motown!) and Violet is named after Violet Beauregard from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory (you're turning violet, Violet!). We love those creative names! 

Bernadette was rescued from a shelter in the area, and though she was a little bit high energy at the time, with love and patience from her mom she has turned into a loving foster sister to all the dogs that her family fosters through Peak Lab Rescue. Violet joined the family just a few months later, and the two sisters are best friends and love snuggling up together after a day of playing!

When they're not posing adorably for photos, these two love going to the dog park and playing all day! There are some great dog parks in Chapel Hill that they frequent. We hope we'll get to meet them there some weekend soon! They both also enjoy a pupcake treat, and say that Original is their favorite flavor.

One of Bernadette's mom's favorite memories about her is when they started fostering kittens, Bernadette would try to pick them up and mother them! The kittens weren't really into it, but it was the sweetest thing her mom had ever seen.

Bernadette & Violet have decided to gift a free pupcake mix to their fur friend, Triscuit, a handsome fluffy golden boy! Congratulations Triscuit, we hope you enjoy your free pupcake mix!

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