Pup of the Week #5: Annie Mae

Margaret Moriarty

Annie Mae Irish Setter Puppy

Annie Mae, also going by just Annie, is a playful, adventurous pup living in Arksansas! We got to know Annie over the summer, and love following along with her amazing adventures. She is always off doing something new and exciting - we wish we could tag along!

Annie is an Irish Setter who was born in November 2017 - she just celebrated her first birthday with some pupcakes! She got her name because her pawrents liked the name Annie, which isn't a common dog name where they live, and they love the middle name Mae, so they went with Annie Mae! Annie loves going to the farm and going on adventures with her hoomans. She loves running free in a big field and letting her gorgeous hair flow, and playing with her toys and getting delicious treats. After all that exercise, she also loves to grab a solid snoozle and get her beauty rest.

One of her parents' favorite things about her is that she is always so happy, energetic, and full of love. Annie will turn your day from bad to good with just one smile! And one of their favorite memories about her is from back when she was a puppy - they miss taking her outside during the night and cleaning up her cute puppy messes. There's nothing quite like those puppy days! One of our favorite things about Annie is her big personality that shines through in all of her photos. Whether she's showing off her sass, sweet heart, or great hair, you know that a photo from Annie is going to brighten your day!

Annie has decided to gift a free pupcake mix to her friends, Kano, Karma, and Ragnar, three adorable Arkansas pibbles! Congratulations guys, we hope you enjoy your free pupcake mix!

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