Pup of the Week #4: Dakota

Margaret Moriarty

Black Lab

Dakota (also know as "Dak") is a loving, playful pupcake connoisseur living in Alabama. We got to know Dak this past summer and have loved getting to follow along with his adventures in the Southeast. He and his pawrents are always going on cool trips and hikes -- great for an adventurous pup like Dak!

Dak is a black lab mix who was born in October 2017. In just one short year he has gotten to see and do so much with his loving family. He loves hiking and playing with his feline brother, Gimli! (Where are my LOTR fans?!) But Dak also loves to be a little lazy sometimes, and he loves a good snoozle and tasty snack. His favorite pupcake flavor is pumpkin - can't you tell by the photo of him licking the batter? Yum!

Dak's parents fondest memory of Dak is the very first day they met him. When they saw his sweet face, they knew that he had to join their family. Even though they hadn't been looking for a pupper at the time, they totally fell in love with his sweet puppy eyes. They joke that he found them (and we think he did a pretty good job!). Dak's parents favorite thing about him is how he has so much love to give to everyone. He wants to be everyone's friend and loves showing his affection with lots of kisses. We're always down for a kiss from Dak! 

Dak is also a bit of a fashion icon. He is always rocking new and stylish bandanas that go great on his silky black coat! He is such a #dogmodel and really knows how to work the camera. Bolin & Rosie have a long way to get to his top model status!

Dak has decided to gift a free pupcake mix to his friend Beau, a beautiful English Cream Golden Retriever! Congratulations, Beau, we hope you enjoy your free pupcake mix!

Dak is also one On Point Pupcakes' brand ambassadors, so be sure to use his discount code DAK15 at checkout to save 15% on your next order!

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