Pup of the Week #16: Sam

Margaret Moriarty

We are so excited to share Sam with you as our latest pup of the week! We love it when our Pups of the Week are our real life furriends, and we have had the pleasure of meeting Sam and his mom a few times in the Triangle area of North Carolina! We are in love with this cutie's sweet smile and his pawesome fashion sense (keep reading for pix of Sam in jammies!), and we are so happy to have him as a pup of the week!

Sam with pupcake mix

Sam is a four year old black lab mix, with his fifth birthday coming up in January! We are sure this party pup is going to have a fabulous birthday with pupcakes galore. Sam got his name because his mom was a teacher at an elementary school, and there was a child named Sam who was one of her favorite kiddos. We love when dog names remind you of something special that you love, and this is such a sweet, memorable name. 

Sam Black Lab in Pajamas

What Sam's mom says makes him special is how sweet and friendly he is. Sam is training to be a therapy dog so that he can help cheer up people in the hospital and help children who are learning how to read. If that isn't the sweetest thing you've ever heard of, what is?! His mom's fondest memory of Sam is the day she brought him home from the humane society. He was so sweet and excited that he had found his forever home. Sam didn't know it then, but he hit the rescue dog jackpot! 

Sam Black Lab on Bridge

Some of Sam's favorite things to do are outdoor adventures! He loves swimming, running, hiking, chasing SQUIRRELS!!!!, eating sticks (YUM), and snuggling. When he's done adventuring, Sam also loves to settle down for a nice pupcake snack. His favorite flavor is pumpkin -- that's our favorite flavor too! 

Sam Black Lab in Snow

One thing that we really love about Sam's Instagram is that his mom does a fantastic job of capturing his personality in photos. Not only are the photos totally gorgeous, but they also show the different sides of Sam's personality. Sometimes serious, sometimes goofy, but ALWAYS adorable! There are a lot of great doggie Instagram pages out there, but we can't recommend to you enough that you give our pal Sam a follow!

Sam Black Lab in Snow

Sam has decided to gift a free pupcake mix to his friend, Jessica. Congrats, Jessica! We hope you enjoy your free pupcake mix! 

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