Pup of the Week #14: Obi

Margaret Moriarty

We are so excited to share Obi with you as our latest pup of the week! You know we love all the doodles, so we are excited to feature Obi, a gorgeous, fluffy one-year-old Mini Labradoodle from Denver, Colorado! Living in a beautiful place like Denver, you know this outdoorsy boy goes on lots of great adventures.

Mini Labradoodle

So, you can *probably* guess how Obi got his name, right? His parents are big Star Wars fans, so he's named after the famous Obi-Wan Kenobi! We love when dog names are a reference to something special for the pawrents, and this is the perfect name for Star Wars lovers who don't want to be yelling "Come inside, Jar Jar Binks!"

Obi-Wan Kenobi

What Obi's mom says makes him special is how sweet and playful he is, but also how great he is at reading people's emotions. Obi can always tell when the people around him are stressed or upset, and he tries to make them feel better with snuggles and kisses. (Can we sign up for some Obi kisses please?!) He's also very gentle with little kids because he can tell they are smaller and more fragile. Wow, he sounds like a therapy dog in training, don't you think!?

Mini Labradoodle

Living out in the Rocky Mountains, Obi gets to go on lots of amazing adventures in the great outdoors. We love following along with his family's adventures on Instagram. Be sure to follow him if you love #wanderlust! But, being so active, Obi also needs to make sure he's getting his fuel. That's where his love of pupcakes comes in! Obi loves the Original Pupcake Mix because he loooves peanut butter. Same here, Obi!

Mini Labradoodle

One of Obi's mom's favorite things to do with him is just cuddling with him in bed on the weekends. We can just tell from his photos that he's the sweetest little cuddler! Another favorite memory she has with Obi is the first time she took him to the park near their house in the fall and he played in the leaves. TOO cute!

Obi has decided to gift a free pupcake mix to his fur cousins. Congrats, guys! We hope you enjoy your free pupcake mix! 

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