Pup of the Week #13: Velma

Margaret Moriarty

We love ALL of our pups of the week, but we are so excited to share this pup with you: meet VELMA! Velma is a sweet & spunky American Staffordshire Terrier mix living in Berlin, Maryland! Velma lives just a short drive to the beach, and she is always going on wonderful outdoors adventures, as well as goofing around at home with her family. 

I remember the first time I came across Velma's Instagram profile. I literally exclaimed, "LOOK at this dog!" and thrust my phone at my husband. His eyes widened and he said, "OMG. She is so CUTE!" And it's fair to say that we've been obsessed with Velma ever since. What I love about her the most is how incredibly expressive she is in her photos, and how her mom does such a fantastic job of capturing this sweetie's personality. Both Velma and her mom are hilarious, kind, and creative -- and it shows in their beautiful photos!

You can probably guess how Velma got her name, right? Scooby Doo! Talk about a great character to be named after. Velma's got the brains and classic cutie looks -- just like our Velma!

What Velma's mom says makes her special is how cuddly and loving she is, and the incredibly deep connection that Velma has with her momma. Velma's mom admits she loves every dog that she meets, but she's never had a connection with a dog the way she does with Velma! BRB, crying. Some of Velma's favorite activities are snoozling, eating (pupcakes and her raw food diet!), and SWIMMING! Be sure to check out her profile and see some adorable videos of her frolicking in the water.

This beach babe is also an expert pupcake eater! Her favorite flavor is the original, but she doesn't discriminate. She's been lucky enough that her fabulous mom has made her a few beautiful pupcakes for special occasions. We love that their pupcakes are decorated with healthy, natural toppings! 

One of Velma's mom's favorite memories about her is the day they met. Velma's mom and her boyfriend went to take photos of Velma and her litter mates to help them find homes, with no intention of getting a dog themselves! When her mom was sitting on the ground taking pictures, Velma came over and plopped herself right on her lap and they both knew it was meant to be. A few days later, they made it official and Velma joined her furever home! 

Velma has decided to gift a free pupcake mix to her friends Noah & Lincoln over at @noah_and_lincoln. Congrats, guys! We hope you enjoy your free pupcake mix!

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