Pup of the Week #12: Bernoulli

Margaret Moriarty

Bernoulli Bernedoodle

Bernoulli is an adventurous F1 Standard Bernedoodle living in Western North Carolina. He lives in one of the most beautiful parts of our state, and it is the perfect area for an outdoorsy boy like him who loves hiking and searching for waterfalls. (Does that trigger a song in anyone else's brain?!)

With such a unique and interesting name like Bernoulli, you're probably wondering where it came from! Bernoulli came from his human sister's 8th grade science project, which was on the Bernoulli Principal. That Bernoulli was a physicist from Switzerland, and since Bernese Mountain dogs are also from Switzerland, it seemed like the perfect name!


Bernoulli's mom says what makes him special is how much enjoyment he gets from making his family laugh. She says he is just one big fluffy goofball! We can see his sweet and funny personality shine through in his pictures on Instagram. Bernoulli is always having fun!


This mountain boy is also a fine pupcake connoisseur! His favorite flavors are red velvet and pumpkin (those are our favorites too!). He loves to lick the frosting up his pupcakes, then play with them before gobbling them up. We've seen videos of him playing with his pupcakes and it's just TOO adorable! Bernoulli is also one of our brand ambassadors, so you can use his code BERNOULLI15 to save 15% on all your pupcake orders!


One of Bernoulli's mom's favorite memories about him is when his family took 4-month-old Bernoulli to the beach. Bernoulli's mom saw him running and playing with his human brother. She snagged a video of them playing, and all she could think of was how sweet it was and how every boy should have a dog! We may be biased, but we think every family should have one (or more!) dogs. 

Bernoulli has decided to gift a free pupcake mix to his fellow Bernedoodle friend Dwight over at @buckyandmaya. Congrats, Dwight! We hope you enjoy your free pupcake mix!

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