Pup of the Week #10: Tobi

Margaret Moriarty

Tobi Great Dane

Tobi is a two-year old, adventurous Great Dane who lives in beautiful Washington! He is one lucky dog because his awesome mom is always taking him on the coolest outdoor adventures, while also giving him all the love and TLC that this handsome cuddlebug deserves.

Tobi got his name in an adorably interesting way! He came to his mom with the name "Obi," but it just didn't fit him. She tried naming him Bork, but he never responded. One day, his mom called him Tobi and he jumped straight in her lap! Ever since then, he's been Tobi Borkington! We think the "Borkington" is just too hilariously cute.

Tobi's mom says what make him special is how trusting and adventurous he is. Tobi was diagnosed with Wobbler's Syndrome (a cervical spine condition commonly found in large- and giant-breed dogs) and he's a bloat survivor, but he does not let that slow him down one bit! We can tell that's true from all of his cool photos of adventures across the Pacific Northwest, enjoying his favorite activities of hiking, antler hunting, and playing fetch.

One of Tobi's mom's favorite memory about him is the first time she took him on a paddle board! He completely trusted her and didn't even hesitate to get on the paddle board. That is incredible to us - Bolin and Rosie are both scaredy cats when it comes to water!

One of Tobi's other favorite things is to enjoy a spoonful of our peanut butter frosting for dessert. He sure is a lucky guy!

Tobi has decided to gift a free pupcake mix to his friends, Hazel and KC, two sweet rescue Coonhound mixes in Iowa! Congratulations Hazel and KC, we hope you enjoy your free pupcake mix!

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